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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Michael D. Langehans, D.M.D.
Bluffton Dentist Conveniently Located in Sherington Park

Dr. Langehans is an award winning Dental Professional, an active community volunteer, and owner of Off Island Dental. Dr. Langehans has a reputation of helping his patients achieve “the perfect smile” by restoring missing and damaged teeth using the latest in Dental Implant technology-the best choice for a natural smile.

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Oral Surgery

Dr. Langehans is an expert at extractions of teeth that need to be surgically removed. When teeth fail to emerge in proper alignment or fails to fully emerge through the gum line, the teeth can become impacted between the jawbone and the gum tissue. Impacted teeth can be painful and cause infection in the gum tissue. In fact, impacted teeth could destroy the jaw. Permeant damage can be a result of not properly caring for wisdom and impacted teeth.

Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns eliminate the waiting that is associated with getting a crown placed on your teeth. Our state of the art milling machine allows our patients the luxury of a new crown in just a couple of hours. Now patients no longer have to suffer with broken, chipped, or damaged teeth. The material of the in-office crowns is made from the same durable material as traditional crowns. Using the most advanced CAD and CAM technology, our crowns combine the best parts and advances of modern dentistry.

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Dental implants can give you back your smile with comfort. Implants are often used to replace bridges and dentures, allowing for a more natural look. The benefit to implants is not only longevity, but the surrounding teeth do not have to be compromised. Implants also allow access in between teeth with is better for good oral health and flossing.

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Sleep Apnea

Do you snore? Do you wake up feeling tired, exhausted? Has your loved one told you that you choke or grasp for air while sleeping? You may be a candidate for our take home sleep study which allows you the convenience of testing in your own bed, not a sleep lab. Our oral devices are specifically engineered to optimize breathing for each patient, unlike other dental offices.

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