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Meet The Silent Killer (of Gum Disease) : Hilton Head Island Dental Flossing

During routine dental check ups you’re almost certain to hear, “Have you been flossing?” For most patients Dental Flossing, the answer is secretly no. Believe it or not, many people take two times out of the day to brush their teeth but don’t floss. That’s like deciding to go for a drive but forgetting the keys.

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What the non-flossers fail to realize is this step is an important role in oral care. Simply put, the toothbrush cleans the outer surfaces and tops of teeth. However, Dental Flossing can reach where a toothbrush can’t.

This super “ninja” interdental cleaner (floss) is designed to clean a different surface on the teeth. Floss gets to the gap between the base of the gums. It also gets to that tight space in between teeth. Floss is super helpful at removing food and tartar.

Dental Flossing is A True Hero of Oral Health in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton SC

A toothbrush isn’t a sufficient tool to reach that surface. No one wants food stuck in their teeth or tarter.Tarter build up can lead to red, swollen gums. Eventually this can lead to gingivitis, a gum disease which causes bone loss. So, just by Dental Flossing you can help your entire body.

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Recent studies have shown that regular flossing even decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Research also supports that non-flossers have a higher body mass index. That information alone should entice all of us to use the silly string of wax particles.

It takes only a few minutes a day to boost your health by flossing your teeth. Dental Flossing is a simple task that creates tremendous benefits to your body and your health. Flossing is an inexpensive way to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

We at Off Island Dental Care wants the most beautiful smile for you and a happy, healthy life. This is our way of providing you with something that really helps your smile.

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