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We Are Bananas For Digital X Rays

Digital Dental X Rays Off Island Dental


Digital X-Rays

Would you ever get your hair done with your stylists’ eyes closed?
Well, my friend, that’s an analogy for dental work Without Digital Dental X-Rays.


Off Island Dental uses the latest digital technology, capturing information that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These Digital Dental X-Rays make it possible for us to see if there is decay in-between teeth, evaluate bone health and  infections.

Patients ask us if Digital Dental X-Rays are really necessary. The answer is yes, absolutely. Not only are X Rays essential to oral health , they are & whole health. In fact, unhealthy gums and infections harbor bacteria that flow through your bloodstream that has been directly linked to heart attacks. In fact, gum disease has been  linked a host of illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Now, if that isn’t enough to convince you that X Rays are important,
check out these interesting tidbits knowing that Digital Dental X Rays produce 2-3 MREMS (the scientific measurement of radiation):

Digital Dental X Rays on Plane   Flying from New York to LA gives you 5 MREMS, One Way – Will you stop traveling?


Digital Dental X Rays Stars
Sleeping next to your spouse gives off 2 mrems each year- Are you going to start sleeping by yourself?


Even eating one banana has more mrems than a Digital X Ray!!!



Digital X-Rays are Important! We at Off Island Dental understand your concerns and we do everything that we can to protect you. Dental x-rays are necessary at least once a year and with any toothache. Our practice continues using a lead apron for your body and neck even though it is no longer mandated by the American Dental Association. Should you have Digital Dental X Rays any additional concerns, please let us know. We always want you to be comfortable and have peace of mind.


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