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Dental Bridge in Hilton Head Island,Bluffton : Knowing Your Options With Dental Bridges

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Your teeth play at the key role in the process of speaking, chewing and maintaining appropriate alignment of your mouth,. There is never a proper time for tooth loss. However, when you do lose teeth then they should be replaced so you have the proper functioning of your mouth. There are a number of options for correcting loss of teeth Dental Bridge.

One of the most common way to restore your dental health and appearance is through the use of fixed bridges.

The process used to replace missing teeth is a Dental Bridge which attaches artificial teeth adjacent to your natural teeth. This process fills the gap where teeth are absent. There are two (2) types of bridges; permanently attached (fixed bridges) and removable bridges.

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1. Fixed bridges (permanently attached)

This type of bridges is applied through either placing crowns on the abutment teeth or through bonding the artificial teeth directly to the adjacent natural teeth. These Dental Bridge can only be removed by a dental professional and are bonded into place. Fixed bridges are known to be the type that offers more stability compared to the removable bridges.

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2. Removable bridges

This type of bridges is attached to the teeth with clasps or by precision attachments. In other words, these Dental Bridge can be taken out and cleaned.

The Procedure of Attaching Dental Bridge

In most cases, the procedure of attaching the bridge takes two to three (2 – 3) appointments to be completed. During the first appointment, the preparation of the teeth on either side of the gap is created by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin.

The bridge must be fabricated precisely to assure an accurate bite and to match the opposing tooth. Impressions of the teeth are then taken and sent to a lab where the bridge will be constructed. In typical situations, fixed bridges that are permanently attached are cemented to the natural teeth next to the space left by the missing tooth. The lost teeth are then replaced. The teeth that provide support for the bridge are crowns, which are cemented onto the natural teeth.

The construction of bridges can be made of porcelain or a combination of materials. Porcelain is often bonded to either a precious or non-precious metal.

The Reasons For Needing A Dental Bridge in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton

The following are the common and basic reasons for needing a bridge:

  • Commonly, two of the primary reasons for a bridge is the appearance and oral functionality. It has been proven that a Dental Bridge can help support an individual’s lips and cheeks. A person’s face looks older due to the loss of teeth which causes one’s mouth to sink.
  • •One of the worst side effects of missing teeth is the increased risk of gum disease.
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  • Missing teeth can cause speech disorders since they are used in making several sounds we use to speak clearly.
  • The most essential reason for a bridge is for the purpose of dental health. Teeth are intended to complement one another. A number of harmful disorders are caused by stresses that are placed on the gums and other oral tissues when teeth are missing.

Bridges also need to be taken care of. Keeping the bridge clean requires a regimen of brushing and flossing. It is important to remember that a Dental Bridge relies on the neighboring teeth for support.

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